Welcome to Savage Tidings!

This is going to be a rehash of a game I tried to run many years ago. Hopefully you all will enjoy it.

Setup Overview

We will be running this in pathfinder with a lot of 3.5 trappings since this campaign was completely designed in 3.5 so there may be some hiccups as I convert on the fly. I ask that you bear with them. The books you guys will have access to are the Core Rule Book and the Advanced Player’s Guide.

Firstly you should have an account on Obsidian portal. (Since you are reading this) Secondly on the first game day I will send you an Invite to the Roll20 app. That invite will ask you to make an account, after that you will be sent into the game. There will be a short video on the basics of using Roll20. Ill field any questions and finish set up (Somethings i need to have the players in game to set up). After that it will be game on.

As a heads up this game is set in the generic DnD world of Greyhawk. Most of the worlds politics will not affect the PCs since Sasserine is largely removed from much of the world.

Character Creation.

I would like everyone to start building up their characters and have everything finished before we actually sit down to play. I don’t want to spend the first session with everyone sitting around waiting. We are adults, it’s a simple request. I’m always available for help via Obsidian Portal, Facebook, Skype or Phone. Before the start date I’ll talk to each player one on one at least once so we can roll up the sheets and flesh out your place in the world. Feel free to talk to the other players while fleshing out your characters.

Okay, time for the nitty gritty part of PC design. The Requirements! There will be limitations put on you guys for races, classes and back-story. They are as follows

You will also be limited slightly in your background. You must either be a native of Sasserine or have spent the last 10-15 years there. Your PC needs to know the others to some extent so that the idea of working together doesn’t seem outlandish. Ill leave it up to the players on how well you know each other. Anything from life long friends to people that have worked together once before. Other than that you are free to set your back story as you see fit.


Any alignments are good to go. But keep in mind the way that alignments are meant to played. This is a team game effectively, as ref it is my role to make sure it stays that way. Ill give a short breakdown of how I view alignments.

  • Alignments

    For the sake of instilling some randomness but still allowing players to weigh PCs in the direction they want I will be using the “Dice Pool” Mechanic. That being said if all PCs get boned by it I will be forcing a re-roll using the “Weighted” Mechanic. All rolling will happen in Roll20 with the DM prior to the first day of play. The following is a quick break down.

    Dice Pool: Players are given 24d6 to assign to the 6 different stats. with a minimum of 3d6 in each (For those playing at home that means you have 6d6 to assign how you wish.). Max 18 points to a single stat. Dice are assigned before any are rolled.

    Weighted: Roll 4d6 for each stat drop the lowest.

    Obsidian Portal Utilities

    This website has a bunch of useful utilities to use. Ill break them down here and how I’ll be using them.

    Dashboard: This is the the main hub when you first log in to the game. This will show the Forum, upcoming events, list of group members, activity log and the adventure log.

    Front Page: That’s the page you are currently on! This page will always have this breakdown and this won’t change once it has been posted (Barring typos or Grammar errors). So this will remain a good page for links to Races, Classes and Alignment information.

    Forum: This is where I would like any PC interactions outside of game time to happen. Not limited to conversations, PC telling the party about back-story, PC wanting to do shopping ect. Pretty much anything you would like you PC to do when we are not on Roll20 post here. I would really like to keep in all central for my own sanity (And brain damaged memory loss). Also any game questions or scheduling changes here, I wouldn’t want to agree to something or give you an answer and forget that I did. Most recent Forum Post is listed on the Dashboard.

    Calendar: Ill be using this to post times for the Game. This will extend to actual game sessions or any time a player wants to do things “In character” for any reason. Be it just wanting to RP, Party splits, missing next game or party is in a stable place and PC want to do something. There is also a RSVP function. Upcoming event is listed on the Dashboard.

    Adventure Log: This will be the record of both the party’s exploits (Last time on Dragon Ball Z) and world events. The most recent page of this will be listed on the Dashboard.

    Wiki: It’s a wiki for both you and I for the game. All pages that you can view are considered PC Knowledge. As players learn more the Wiki will expand. Also information that only certain PCs have knowledge of will only be listed to those PCs (aka Player Secrets). This will hopefully make any missed weeks and games more bearable for everyone.

    Characters: This is a database of both the PCs and any NPCs the players have come across. Player Secrets are in effect here as well.

    Maps: This is where I will post maps for the players to check out. The system uses Google Maps so you are not just looking a JPEG. You will be able to pan and zoom easily.

    PC Commandments
    • I Will be prepared for game time
    • I Will play my alignment
    • I Will play withing my established Character
    • I Will not ruin the game for the party
    • I Will try my hardest to make games I’ve RSVP’d for
    • I Will not be a rules lawyer
    • I Will have fun
    • I Will bring issues to the DM
    • I Will not powergame
    • I Will not be a dick
    DM Commandments
    • I Will have sessions prepped
    • I Will not fudge dice rolls
    • I Will follow the party not railroad
    • I Will be prepared to ad-lib
    • I Will listen to the party
    • I Will work with players
    • I Will keep Obsidian Portal up to date
    • I Will not be a dick


    There you have it. A quick primer on the game and a few links to useful information. I look forward to playing with you guys!

Savage Tidings

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