Savage Tidings

A Thread Pulled

“Istus is a cruel mistress.”
“Our Lady of Fate does love nothing more than to tug at a thread or two”
“A cut here, a stitch there. Redefining the lives of those she watches over”

“A bright port metropolis, still recovering from a violent rape thirty years distant”
“A man, darkened by his past. Looking for a home”
“A daughter, tear stained letter in her hands”
“A son, Idolizing his father”
“A vial with a loose stopper”
“An oil stained robin, it’s song haunting”
“A cross roads, branching in infinite directions”

“Most moments in life are preordained. Our Lady Istus protecting our souls, having the sailors sail, the farmers farm, the lords rule and all manner in between. But sometimes Our Lady of Fate needs champions, those who take to the world without her blessing, to do what she cannot. Cutting and tearing. Stitching and mending till their golden threads span the tapestry. Glowing strings crossing folds and seams. Reaching ever deeper towards the darkening heart of the pattern. Never knowing if the threads will survive the ordeal, but knowing for the sake of the loom itself they must. One such moment is upon us. Four glowing fibers have torn themselves loose of the pattern and converge on one another. For better or worse, Istus can only watch an pray”

“The sun stands high in the sky as small caravan works its way towards Sasserine by way of the highway from Cauldron. Four souls, four threads, find themselves at a crossroads…"

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